Solar Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are solar panels?

Extremely. If anything goes wrong, Sun Power is liable and will fix it for you with a 100% guarantee. If within the first year, your solar panels don’t supply you with the promised energy, Sun Power will supply you. There’s no need for homeowner’s insurance because you would be leasing.

Why do you recommend leasing vs. other methods?

If paying in cash isn’t an option, the Solar Quote Pros offers a low cost solution that won’t require you to take a loan out on something that will leave you with most, if not full, liability. With a leasing agreement, repairs and liability are held with Sun Power, not you.

Isn't it better to own the solar panels?

Yes, if you pay in cash. Buying costs between $20,000 – $100,000.

Aren't solar panels expensive to install?

Unlike other investments, we require only a soft credit check of 680. This means that the inquiry won’t appear as a line item on your credit, nor will it lower your credit score. This is in regards to a lease agreement. We don’t offer, or require ownership.  So, it doesn’t cost you anything!

Solar panels will make my home ugly won't it?

Not particularly, solar panels are on the roof, which isn’t the first thing people look at on a home. Aesthetically speaking, they might not blend in completely, but people won’t noticing them except to compliment your environmentally friendly energy. The benefit and energy they provide outweighs the aesthetic features.  Plus, home solar is like the new black!

How long before I see savings?

Right away. Within the month, you will see a lower electricity bill.

Your quote seems too good to be true... What are the hidden costs?

Any possible hidden costs can be attributed to your utility company, which requires a $10-20 activation fee. This fee is paid regardless, you pay it currently as well. At the end of a year, if you use more energy than your panels produced, you pay your utility company at the lowest rate for the excess energy used.

What happens if I want to sell my solar home?

If you are not sure if you be in your home for a fixed amount of years years, or if you decide to move- it’s an easy process. We will help with the transfer or buyout if you decide to sell your home. Unfortunately you cannot take the Solar with you but if your new home does not have solar we can help.

What kind of maintenance will my solar panels require?

Since solar panels have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance. You may want to wash them off with a hose 1-2 times per year. Most people just let the rain keep them clean.

How much does solar power cost?

Solar prices are cheaper than most utility provider Services. We can install your system for NO Cash Down, and you can pay less every month for clean, abundant solar energy.

How many solar panels do I need?

It depends on how much electricity you want to use. No two homes are exactly alike so every system is custom-designed for your current and future comfort.

How do solar panels work?

Our Solar panels capture the sun’s light. The light is converted into clean usable electricity for your home. When your solar power system produces more power than you need, it feeds the power back into the utility grid and in some cases your utility provider can give you credits for the surplus energy.